VADAR Celebrates 20 Years

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6 July 2016, Acton, MA – VADAR® Systems is proud to announce its 20th anniversary as the leading developer of municipal finance software.  While many software vendors come and go, VADAR® has achieved 20 years of innovation and growth.  The company will commemorate the occasion with a 20th Anniversary Celebration in Marlborough, MA on October 19th, 2016.

20 Years Ago

VADAR® began operations in 1996 when partners Roland Russell, Frank Natale, Rob Natale, and Ted Cormier released the VADAR® Systems software suite. In a time of disk operating system (DOS), VADAR® was the first to use Microsoft Windows. Then VADAR continually innovated software while delivering outstanding customer service.  Because of this, VADAR® Systems burgeoned to become a 25 application software suite serving 100 clients. Today VADAR® remains the only locally owned and operated software firm that offers accounting and tax software in Massachusetts.

Soon after its founding, VADAR® diversified its offerings to serve the private marketplace in addition to the public sector. VADAR® created LienApp® software to provide private tax lien investors efficient portfolio management. As the exclusive vendor for Key Bank, the LienApp® software by VADAR® serviced and supported Key Bank’s $500 million revolving portfolio. A commercial-grade cloud platform, LienApp® provides tax lien investors best-in-class analysis, automation, and data protection.

Latest Technology

VADAR® has integrated all solutions in the Cloud, providing towns enterprise-grade backup.  In addition. VADAR Cloud delivers encryption, back up and recovery for their financial data. In addition, the Advanced Collector Revenue Turnover (CRT) easily turns over all transactions to Finance.  Moreover, LienApp® updates all-new updates give 1-click analysis, interactive graphs, and on-demand redemption curves.

“We at VADAR® Systems are thankful to our many customers for making this anniversary possible,” said Frank Natale, Chairman and CEO. “Their feedback has driven our innovation and unwavering goal to empower their success.” For more information, visit or call us at 877.823.2700.

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