24 New Clients in 2 Years

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24 Clients Chose VADAR® in 2 Years

Massachusetts Accountants, Finance Directors, Tax Collectors and Utility Managers recognize VADAR® as the #1 choice for Financial Software in the Bay State.  This is because VADAR® delivers Massachusetts towns the utmost efficiency at the best value.  Consequently, new clients save weeks of office time each year, towns bring departments together, and IT departments benefit from free technology upgrades.

Why Towns Choose VADAR®

ADVANCED – State of the art VADAR Cloud™ hosting and security

ADVICE – Cleaning Charts and training staff with VADAR Advise™ consulting

EXPERTS – Support Experts have no less than 15 years experience

LEADERS – Over 100 clients and $3 Billion assets under management

LOCAL – Owned and operated here in Massachusetts since 1996

MADE FOR MA – Schedule A in 1 click and instant tax taking

SERVICE – Hands-on experts are assigned to you

SUITES – All-inclusive Finance and Tax Suites with 25 modules

UPDATES – Free technology upgrades and updates

VALUE – Everything included, free upgrades and no upselling

See why Massachusetts clients switch their financial systems to VADAR® Systems.  Call 877.823.2700 today and we will provide a FREE one-hour consultation.  There is no commitment and no obligation.  No matter what software you use, VADAR® offers decades of experience to help you set up your Schedule A, bring your departments together, clean your Chart of Accounts, and train your staff on UMAS accounting practices.

Benefit from a local software vendor serving clients since 1996 locally in Massachusetts.  Trust municipal finance experts who have worked for Massachusetts towns and have over 20 years of experience.  Therefore switch to the #1 Finance Software and Support for Massachusetts cities and towns.

VADAR® Systems financial software and services have delivered Massachusetts municipalities best technologies at the best value since 1996.  Locally owned and operated, VADAR® provides superior customer service through Support Experts who possess no less than 15 years of municipal finance experience.  Massachusetts towns choose VADAR® expertise, innovation and value to optimize finances and streamline offices using state of the art technologies.

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