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VADAR® Systems

Stormwater Fee, The Clock Is Ticking....

are you ready for the new Stormwater Fee?

"Stormwater, Water and Sewage Billing & Collections? Yeah, We Have An App For That!"   

VADAR® Systems uses a robust and powerful software platform to provide full-service solutions for managing the new Stormwater Fee, as well as managing all of your Water and Sewage Billing & Collections needs.

Software & Services   

Stormwater Billing Applications

Annual Billing
Quarterly Billing
Installment Discount Options
Penalty Calculations

Water & Sewage Billing Applications

Flexible Billing Calculations & Pro-rated Bills
Automated Water Billing Imports
Payment Plan Creation & Tracking
Notice Creation & Ownership Management

End User Software & Support

Full Service Cloud Platform
24/7/365 Remote Access from Any Device
Enterprise-Grade Encryption & Security
Anti-virus, Data Backup & Disaster Recovery
Personalized Customer Service & Support

About VADAR® Systems

VADAR® Systems, Inc. is a premier provider of cloud-based, municipal financial software applications for more than 150 clients in 9 states.

Since 2012 VADAR® has proudly served the Pennsylvania marketplace with several financial software suites including Earned Income Tax, Sewage Billing, Trash Billing and now Stormwater Billing Applications.

VADAR®’s Pennsylvania Earned Income Tax Platform has tracked more than $450 Billion in wages and processed more than $7 Billion in income tax withholdings.

VADAR®’s Pennsylvania Sewage, Trash and Stormwater applications support more than 30 Pennsylvania municipalities and manage more than 180,000+ individual customer accounts. The Sewage, Trash and Stormwater Suites have billed and collected more than $550 Million dollars in sewage, trash and stormwater fees.

VADAR®’s Pennsylvania Billing Suite has been built “For Pennsylvania by Pennsylvania.” We have worked with Pennsylvania collection officials to create applications specifically tailored to the way Pennsylvania bills and collects sewage, trash and stormwater fees.

Watch our product video to learn more!

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